Dental Consultation.

These are non-invasive visits with us where we discuss any issues with regard to your dental health, concerns, and treatment options for any prevailing conditions.basically an evaluation of the current condition of your teeth.

We will gladly provide you with your routine dental exam and cleaning. We believe that this basic service is our most important. Having your teeth and gums checked and cleaned on a regular basis will help you prevent tooth and gum diseases and may even help you prevent other health issues.

We offer the benefits of relaxing, sedation dentistry to those patients who may benefit from it. This includes patients who have significant dental work being performed as well as some pediatric patients.

Good oral health is important regardless of your age. It does not matter if you are getting your first tooth or your first set of dentures, caring for your teeth and gums is essential for overall good health.

Your regular dental exam can reveal many things about your health that you may not otherwise have discovered. During your exam, your dentist will check you for tooth and gum disease, signs of some oral cancers, and may even recommend that you are checked for some disorders based on what they discover during the exam.


Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.

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